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Stem Cell Therapy For Knees & Knee Arthritis Pain in Orange County Irvine

Affordable Stem cell Therapy For Knees and Knee Arthritis Pain in Irvine Orange County, CA

What is stem cell Therapy for knees

Stem Cell Therapy For knee injury

stem cell therapy for knee in Irvine

Arthritis is one of the most chronic regenerative diseases, and it affects your knee and cartilage. Osteoarthritis can also occur due to a knee injury also knee injuries such as tear ligament, tendon damage, fracture, ligament tear, or a fracture. After the knee injury, the joints become unstable and wearing down the cartilage. After such injury, tendons, muscles, nontrivial joint lining, and ligaments can get damaged as well.

For knee pain, a podiatrist injects the stem cells into knee joints.

Podiatrist uses Stem cell therapy for knees for

  • repairing damages and slowing down the degeneration to your knee
  • severe reduction in inflammation and reducing the pain caused by inflammation in your Knee
  • Prevent knee replacement and surgery

The process is minimally invasive and simple. First doctor might or might not (based on the stem cells used in procedure) draws a small amount of your blood, and after that, adding stem cells to your blood and injecting it back into your knee. As simple as that.

Many studies show that stem cell therapy could extremely improve knee arthritis condition.

There are ongoing studies to define what type of stem cell is more effective for the knee area and knee arthritis in general. Still, overall results of all studies show that stem cell therapy treatment is beneficial and harmless in addressing knee pain, knee injuries and specifically knee arthritis.

What Is The Cost For Stem Cell Therapy For Knees in Orange County?

From clinic to clinic and state to state, the cost for stem cell therapy for knees might vary. For example, the cost of stem cell therapy for knees depends on the type of stem cell used in the injection, the amount needed, and the podiatrist and location may differ. Some doctors recommend overtime treatment when others inject it in one visit. The injection is minimally invasive in both methods and is almost painless if done right based on the patient. In Irvine and Orange County, CA, stem cell injection for knee, prices begin as low as $5000 per knee and, based on the doctor, amount of treatment needed, type of stem cell, how many joints involved, and the location the price can go up to $25000 and more.
Please mention that the prices mentioned are for using umbilical cord stem cells and not PRP. The FDA-approved umbilical cord stem cell is the most expensive and efficient type. The patient should always ask the provider what kind of stem cell they are using.

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