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Stem cell Therapy For Arthritis Pain in Irvine CA

Affordable Stem cell treatment For Arthritis Pain in Irvine Orange County, CA

What is stem cell Therapy for arthritis

Stem Cell treatment For Arthritis

stem cell therapy for foot and ankle arthritis

Stem cell therapy for arthritis pain is one of the most efficient methods to regenerate damaged or lost tissues and inflammation in arthritis. Arthritis is the cause of inflammation in the tissues and joints, and it is the root of cartilage damage. Over time, damage to the cartilage can damage nearby bone joints.

Stem cells have growth factors, which is the key to healing in your tissues and bones damaged by arthritis. in addition. So, all facts considered, stem cell therapy using regenerative medicine helps your body to repair damage already made by arthritis in your arthritic joint, reduce inflammation, and as a result, relieves pain.

Stem cells injected into the affected area can repair the cartilage cells and bone. Stem cell therapy involves injecting stem cells directly into the joints affected by arthritis and surrounding joints.

Stem cell treatment is anti inflammatory and reduces the body's inflammatory response. All mentioned characteristics will make stem cell therapy an excellent alternative for autoimmune diseases like foot arthritis.

Using stem cell therapy to treat arthritis is becoming a widespread and recommended practice. Based on studies, it has no severe side effects. Stem cell therapy has a profound healing ability in affected joints with various types of arthritis. Besides the ability to heal damaged tissues, stem cell therapy has the ability to regulate the body's immune system and shut down over-reactive responses while keeping the ability to fight the disease.

We have observed significant improvements in arthritis patients treated by umbilical cord tissue-derived stem cell therapy in our office.

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