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Sprained Ankle Injury Treatment By Podiatrist in Irvine Orange County Office

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What is Sprained Ankle Injury?

Sprained Ankle Injury Treatment in Irvine Orange County

Sprained Ankle

A slight strain in the ankle can be extremely painful, whereas more severe damage, such as bone fractures or ligament ruptures, may not be evident in the first instance. After an ankle injury, if there is any danger that the damage might be severe, you must attend a hospital casualty department or see your doctor, as quickly as possible. You may need X-rays and a specialist opinion. Visit our podiatrist in Irvine
The ankle tendons can be damaged when you have a severe ankle sprain. However, during the time in which the joint structures heal and are rehabilitated, the tendon strain usually cure themselves naturally, without needing specific treatment.

Sprained Ankle Injury Treatment

When the tendons around the ankle are strained, you feel pain when you use the affected tendon. The strained tendons may feel tight when you put on the stretch, but they will probably not feel particularly painful.

Tendon strains can last for some time. You must try to work out the cause of the problem, and avoid any activities which bring on, or aggravate, the pain. Meanwhile, you should gently stretch the affected tendon passively, and you should do alternative training for fitness, such as swimmig.

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