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Wart Removal & Treatment in Irvine Orange County CA


Plantar warts (foot wart) occur on the sole (plantar surface) of the foot. They can be very painful because the entire weight of the body presses against them continuously when standing or walking. Plantar warts are usually rough, bumpy, and spongy, although some may be thick and scaly. Most are gray or brown and have a center with one or more dark pinpoints. These are tiny capillaries that supply blood to the wart. Scraping warts may cause them to bleed. Untreated, plantar warts may grow up to an inch in circumference and may spread into clusters. If you have any question about Wart Removal & Treatment in Irvine Orange County for kids, please contact our podiatrist in Irvine, Orange County CA.

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Wart Causes

Warts are benign tumors that can occur anywhere on the skin. The human pappiloma virus (HPV), a common organism, causes warts. The virus is often encountered on contaminated surfaces, typically the tile floors of public locker rooms, showers, and swimming pools and invades the body through tiny cuts or breaks in the skin. Normally, antibodies in the blood kill the virus. Some people are more susceptible to the human pappiloma virus than others, however, and HPV takes refuge in the skin.

plantar warts are similar in structure to an iceberg. The part on the surface is a small fraction of the entire anomaly. Often, the portion of the wart under the skin is at least twice as big as the part you can see.

Many of these wart viruses die within a year or two and the warts they produce simply disappear. Many podiatrists recommend having wart removal procedure because they are irritating and often painful.
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