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Flat Feet

Flat Feet Treatment in Irvine

What is Flat Feet?

Flat feet treatment in Irvine Orange County
The human foot is a complicated structure, consisting of about 26 bones, numerous joint, ligaments, muscles and tendons. Each set of feet are unique, but may share certain certain basic structural qualities. Flat feet are low arched and fairly common. Most flat feet are what podiatrists term ,pronated. Closer examination of the weight-bearing pronated foot reveals:

  • Turning out of the heel bone away from the center of the body
  • Inward rotation of the leg
  • Bulging of the inner aspect of the ankle
  • Shifting of the forefoot outward from the heel

Flat feet may be the result of abnormality in the alignment of bones, excessive elasticity of the ligaments, muscle imbalance, or some combination of these. To complicate matters further, not all pronated feet appear flat, and some feet which appear flat are not pronated. Flat feet may be severe and apparent at birth, these may require corrective treatment with plaster casts or surgery. More commonly flat feet develop during youth, symptoms may develop anytime, and some flat feet never become troublesome. They may run in families, but there is no certainty they will develop.

Pronated feet alter the alignment of the foot, ankle, leg, pelvis, and lower back. Problems may develop at any level. The pronated foot is unstable. This results in excessive and abnormal motion across joints, and may result in fatigue and strain - often describes as "tired feet". Long tern consequences include; arthritis, bunions, heel spurs, Morton's neuroma, and other deformities. Shin splints (pain in the muscles of the lower leg) may result from these muscles overworking in a attempt to compensate for foot instability.

This is a complex deformity which should be properly evaluated by a podiatrist. He or she may recommend functional posted foot orthotics. These are special supports which help compensate for mechanical faults, and allow your feet to function with improved efficiency. Orthotics relieve stress from compromised joints, ligaments, and muscles. Deforming forces acting on the foot are diminished.

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You will be shocked to know that normally you should not have pain in your feet your feet and ankles are amazing! However, tend to underestimate its importance to our everyday life. The number of steps a person takes on a daily basis range from 10,000 to 15,000. It takes a real beating to your feet and ankle which can lead to the inevitable common foot and ankle injury. More than half of Americans seek help for their feet and ankles problems every year.

If you are having a foot problem, don't consider yourself alone as more than millions of the population seek help for their foot problems every year. If you need to find a foot doctor (podiatrist) and are out of the Irvine, Orange County area, consider making an appointment with our podiatrist in Irvine. Here are some foot problems we treat in our podiatry office

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