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Insurance Plans & Networks in Irvine Orange County

Plans we accept in Irvine Orange County, CA

We accept most of the insurance plans in California. We are of utmost attentive to everyone’s individual needs and do our best to be helpful with your insurance. We always ask about your insurance information to check with your carrier before your visit. We will do our best to stay flexible with scheduling, payment options, and any special needs you and your family might have.

Anthem Blue Cross

Blue Cross of California

Anthem Blue Cross bcbs

We are a provider of Anthem Blue Cross In California bcbs. Anthem is a brand of Blue Cross of California. Anthem Blue Cross and Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance Company are independent companies of the Blue Cross Association.

Blue Shield

Blue Shield

Blue Shield bcbs

We are a Blue Shield of California provider for many years. This insurance carrier is an independent member of the Blue Shield Association, a non-profit health plan. Blue Shield of California is a high-quality Insurance at an affordable price.

Covered California

Covered California

Covered California

We accept the Covered California Insurance plan. We have a contract with Blue Cross and Blue Shield in covered California plan. For this particular plan, we advise you to please cover our office for verification.




We are a Cigna member. Cigna is a quality health care insurance company providing cover in Irvine Orange County CA. To verify your plan benefits please call our office and we will take care of the rest.

Health Net

Health Net

Health Net

As an independent insurance carrier, Health Net offers plans for individuals, families, and groups. We accept Health Net and gladly provide the best care. Please contact our office to find out about your plan benefits.




UnitedHealthCare is a high-quality health care plan which covers most of your needed procedures. In addition, UnitedHealthCare podiatry insurance provides programs for individuals, families, and groups. With the best coverage and the best provider, you will have the healthiest and happiest feet.


We honor Medicare and gladly serve our lovely and wonderful senior citizen community in Irvine Orange County CA. To confirm your Medicare plan and benefits, please call our office. Subject to Medicare approval of plan and benefits


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Our podiatrist in Irvine, Dr. Sima Soltani, is specializing in operation less treatments. With more than 20 years of experience in treating patients with foot and ankle problems, we are the most reliable podiatry clinic in Irvine California.

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20+ Years Experience As Foot Doctor

You will be shocked to know that normally you should not have pain in your feet

Your feet and ankles are amazing! However, tend to underestimate its importance to our everyday life. The number of steps a person takes on a daily basis range from 10,000 to 15,000. It takes a real beating to your feet and ankle which can lead to the inevitable common foot and ankle injury. More than half of Americans seek help for their feet and ankles problems every year.

If you are having a foot problem, don't consider yourself alone as more than millions of the population seek help for their foot problems every year. If you need to find a foot doctor (podiatrist) and are out of the Irvine, Orange County area, consider making an appointment with our podiatrist in Irvine. Here are some foot problems we treat in our podiatry office

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