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Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment

Onychomycosis or fungal infection usually is caused by a special type of fungus known as a dermatophyte and could be cured by laser treatment. This type of fungi is confined to the outer layer of the skin and gradually progresses to the nail plate. Onychomycosis is common in big toenail but can affect all of the nails. For toenail laser treatment make an appointment here.

Millions of Americans suffer from onychomycosis or fungal infection of toenail or fingernail which could easily and effectively be treated by laser treatment or laser therpy. Besides the obvious thickening and discoloration of the toenail, it can cause additional discomfort. Other sypmtoms and complications like toenail ingrown nails and toenail infections such as athlete's foot and bacterial infections could be the result of fungal infections.

As an Ankle and Foot Center, are committed to provide toenail laser treatment in a cost effective, painless and safe way. There are topical and other type of treatments for toenail fungus, but laser, that do not address the problem the laser way. Toenail laser devices we use to treat your (onychomycosis) are state of art and the latest laser technology in the market. For your questions and concerns about laser treatment for toenail fungus please contact us at:


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