Corns & Callus

Corns and callus

Corns and callus are caused by pressure and friction. Corn is a build up of skin occurence. This is protective intially but when it builds up too much it begins to hurt. If there is a central point of highest pressure, a corn will develop. This is a hardened ball of skin which is in the epidermal layer only. This ball (corn) is like a stone and pushes against nerves which lie in the dermis. This is what causes pain. If there is too much pressure, the persons circulation or skin is fragile it can break down into an sore/ulcer. Over the counter corn cure pads with acid can also cause this especially if not much callus and it gets onto good skin. It often can make corns between toes worse.

Longterm stopping the pressure and getting rid of what is causing the pressure is the answer to corn and calluses. Stop the pressure and the callus won't grow. This is easier said than done especially with women's shoes, deformities and altered walking patterns causing increased pressure in an area. Your podiatrist is the best person to cut out corns in the short term. Then reduce or get rid of the pressure.

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