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Foot injuries are very uncomfortable, and they can easily affect your ankles, knees, hips and even your spine. Our comprehensive podiatric foot care system includes custom foot orthotics that provides a stronger pain relief, better foot support, and improved balance for your body. Podiatrist in Irvine can help you with your foot pain and other foot needs. For us, orthotics is the first line of Foot Pain Relief to prevent foot surgery. Contact Our Podiatrist in Irvine

There are 26 bones in each foot, adding up to a total of 52 foot bones, ligaments and tendons. A very complex and flexible part of the anatomy that moves you, carries your weight, and due to its extreme exposure, it is subject to injury and pain.

There are sudden injuries like sprains and strains, and poor foot mechanics, long-term stress injuries, plantar fasciitis and tendonitis, which are the causes for the two most common foot problems.

  1. Supination or when your foot moves out-wards.
  2. Pronation or when your foot moves in-wards.

These two conditions, can contribute to cases of plantar fasciitis and heel spurs which are treatable with use of orthotics or shoe insert. There are other factors which can contribute to your imbalance, problems like poor posture habits, overweight and arch problem.

With help of orthotics and other invisible shoe inserts, our podiatrist can balance your step and correct your feet pronation, supination and flat arches to provide relief for conditions like plantar fasciitis, ankle pain, etc.

We use, state of art, digital equipment to measure, scan and level your feet in our Irvine office. With the data we collect, then we can determined what is the best approach for your custom orthotic, inserts or footwear to create the right posture for you and relief your foot, ankle, knee, hips and spine pain the best possible way. With custom orthotics all your shoes will become custom shoes and you don't need to buy expensive custom shoes anymore.

Remember the most important cause for back pain and spine pain is incorrect posture which easily could be treated by using custom orthotics made by our podiatrist at no time.

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