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You may be surprised to know that your feet and ankles are not supposed to hurt. If you are having foot problem, you are not alone, more than 180 millions of Americans seeking help for their feet and ankles problems with their podiatrist every year. If you need to find a podiatrist in Irvine and are out of the Orange County, consider making an appointment with our podiatry clinic in Irvine.

We are specializing in treatment of foot & ankle related problems and injuries. We can perform the most sophisticated foot and ankle surgeries locally in our podiatry office. Foot and ankle trauma, and sport injuries that are affecting your mobility and life are easily treatable in our office. Our podiatry office is located in Irvine with additional satellite offices in Tustin, Laguna Hills, Mission Viejo and Orange County.

Achilles Tendon Injury Foot Injuries Bunion Surgery Hamstring Injuries
Stress Fractures Shin Splints Sprained Ankles Arthritis
Arch Pain Toe Fungas Ball of Foot Bunions
Corns/Callus Diabetic Feet Dry Skin Heel Pain
Hot Feet Kids Feet Tired Feet Toe Pain
Foot Warts Orthotics Child Podiatry Foot Doctor

Irvine Office Number: 949-786-7114

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